How to protect your skin this winter

How to protect your skin this winter

Using local flora and indigenous Irish ingredients, the naturally sourced oils, salts, masks, scrubs and other products in The Well at CLIFF range have been crafted to give one-of-a-kind relaxing and nourishing experiences.

As we come into the winter we need to take the time to nourish our skin, both inside and out. Both cold air outside and heating inside attack our skin, drying it out. Making sure to drink enough fluid and using a good night oil or serum to hydrate the skin makes it more resilient to the damages caused by the constant change from warm to cold. 

1. Apply sunscreen daily
Don’t be fooled by dark and dull days the suns powerful rays can penetrate clouds and still cause damage.

2. The Well at CLIFF Intense Recovery Face Oil uses rosehip to create the perfect balance of regeneration and antioxidants to protect your skin while preventing the over production of oil through the astringent properties of rose geranium. 

3. Apply moisturiser more frequently
With central heating and going from warm to cold our skin has a lot more environmental issues to deal with so apply moisturiser 2 to 3 times daily if needed.

4. Cleansing
It is important to use gentler cleansers in winter to avoid stripping to much moisture from skin. The Well at CLIFF Rose & Organic Carrageen Moss Cleanser is a must have for winter skin.

5. Hydration
This must get a mention for healthy winter skin. The easiest way to naturally keep skin hydrated at all times is make sure you are getting 1 to 2 litres daily.

6. Humidifier
Keep moisture in the air it will stop your skin from drying out and you get a better night’s sleep and it’s great for your respiratory system also.