Aimsir - Coffee Beans

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Aimsir Coffee Beans from Cloud Picker - Ngapani Estate

250g - Wholebean

Orange Blossom | Kiwi | Red Apple

Coffee production was brought to Malawi in the 1880s but it never took off in the same way as its neighbours Tanzania and Kenya. The owner of this farm, Sable Farms, is the only corporate coffee producer in the country and the Ngapani Estate is the largest agricultural employer in the Mangochi District.

Mangochi is situated at the southern end of the gigantic Lake Malawi. The infrastructure in the district is poor but this farm has slowly been making improvements. The company has been able to supply the local area with drinking water and has set up a school for the local community.

All the coffee is processed on the farm. The cherries go through a twelve hour fermentation as part of the washed process. They are then dried on raised beds and prepared for export on the farm's dry mill.

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