The story of NORDBAEK begins on a cold, windy day in January 2017 on the north coast of Zealand/Denmark in a small town called Vedbæk - the favorite spot for Ida & Barbara's daily swim. Large icicles were hanging from the pier and it was freezing cold.

Like so many times before, they talked about being in need of a warm and windproof bath robe to wrap around them before and after their cold water swim. On the list of desired functionality they noted a smart feature to keep their hands warm, easy-close function and a tight-fitting hood to protect them from the often icy winds.

The idea stayed with them for the rest of the winter and in August 2017 they finally decided to make dreams come true and embark on this exciting adventure together.

Luxury products for cold water swimmers

NORDBAEK’s design mantra is that you can be practically dressed, while at the same time being well dressed. When you wear it, you also know that your product is made with a focus on responsible and sustainable production.


The NORDBAEK products are all responsibly produced by our carefully selected suppliers with whom we have long-term relationships with. We strive to use sustainable materials whenever possible. All robes, jumpsuits and bags are recycled and/or eco-certified.